You know hunting accidents don’t get investigated very much because it is an accident, all you have to say I thought it was a deer. Bet they would not have hunters orange on so free game to shoot. Do they realize that those stands will be filled with hunters holding guns in the Mickey Mouse Happy Thanksgiving shirt hands? It could be an interesting meeting! Citizens arresting trespassers and vandals for destroying private property!! Such ignorance!

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While hunting may seem like a cruel practice, it can be beneficial to both the environment and the deer population as a whole, if regulated properly. Despite killing individual deer, hunting is beneficial to the Mickey Mouse Happy Thanksgiving shirt population because there is not enough food to sustain their current numbers. Brown stained snowflake pants may be in season soon. Note, they often run to their safe areas but are often confused about which door to enter. They can be found near Starbucks, Subaru dealerships and target. You will never find them near a Cabellas or Bass Pro Shop.

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I don’t think people understand the Mickey Mouse Happy Thanksgiving shirt we would have without hunting. An estimated 6 million deer have hunted annually in the US. With that deer population is still the highest it’s been in over 100 years. If we allowed that 6 million to live each year, add all the extra offspring because of their existence, We would literally be drowning in deer. Trail cams don’t lie. The state issues licenses to legally hunt. These A-holes are infringing on the hunter’s rights. Put the AWs in jail and prosecute to the full extent of the law.

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