Indigenous people were taken over due to open borders, great divisions and wars among the Lebron James China King Shirt tribes and spending too much time smoking pot and talking to the spirits instead of working on the technology, farming, and agriculture. I think we should still have a day or even a month for them, but Columbus Day should stay. Columbus undertook a perilous journey that opened up vast new opportunities for people from other continents. No, the actions were not pure, the results not understandable by today’s standards, but he did the positive that he did. That is what we recognize.

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I mean if someone raped, murdered your family and then fed them to dogs, that would open up opportunities for yourself and many others. That doesn’t mean we need to celebrate whoever did it. White Europeans flooded the Lebron James China King Shirt with immigrants and chain migrated their family to America.. fast for hundreds of years later white Europeans are telling other people of color to go back to the country because they stole it first?

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I agree that he did begin the journey which ultimately began more exploration of the Lebron James China King Shirt by Europeans but I don’t believe he should be celebrated for this especially to go as far as to give him a holiday, we should be able to read about him in history books like the other explorers but I believe America’s indigenous peoples have contributed far more to the success of the USA and could easily replace Columbus day, we can still read about him in history books but to honor him is a bit too much when we know all the atrocities he’s committed.

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