I guess not many were used to seeing it be used because the security guard tried opening the door to see why it was locked once when I was in there and girls made a comment as I was in there (they heard the Kitty Pool shirt). in the U.S. are in foster care because their parents cannot or will not take appropriate care of them. But by all means, keep insisting on having your own and griping about how hard your life is.

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Change your system, paid higher taxes. In Denmark, we pay 40% taxes and everything is for free – you can leave work 2 months before expected birth and stay at home a year with all your children. You even get a paycheck from the Kitty Pool shirt about 200 dollars per month per child until the child is 18 years old. And everything is for free; Education, health service, you get paid from the state if you lose your job or if you get sick.

Kitty Pool tank top

tank top

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ladies tee

It’s ridiculous! Breastfeeding is healthy. Powder baby milk was promoted for so many years that people forgot to breastfeed. Now all of a sudden everyone is going crazy over a natural thing! I grew up in a culture where you breastfeed. No one objects when it’s done in public spaces. Mothering is celebrated! However, in some societies, people are only used to seeing the Kitty Pool shirt as a sensual purpose so when they see a child on his/her mother’s breast in public, individuals find it embarrassing, unattractive and insulting.

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