He may not have passed his entrance physical, but he did graduate from military school. So, he does know what he is doing there. The Kermie Hiflipper shirt of not showing your hand to your opponent when playing cards. We need our service members close to home to protect our nation within our borders. Everything they do they blame the republicans for. The democrats would rather see our country go into depression than do their work and stop trying to get an elected president out of office they want trump out so they can continue being corrupt.

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One day bone spurs tells us he’s taking our troops out of Syria because we can’t have troops overseas forever and then the Kermie Hiflipper shirt day he’s sending thousands of troops to Saudi Arabia, one of the greatest democracies in the world that has fought shoulder to shoulder with the US forces for centuries, and they prevented 9/11. Americans troops for sale! Sad! As usual when a democrat accuses republicans. They are already doing the crime. Democrat just another word for a hypocrite. Really how does the party not in power establish a permission structure?

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We need to put our service members over you, Schumer. We cannot police the world, despite all the backhanded money you are making off of this. Why do these politicians talk as if it is not someone sons and daughters they are sending to fight the war? Why not use your energy to engage the United Nation that is set up for this purpose.

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