I wonder how many have died from past droughts. Why wasn’t the BBC reporting about them? What about other animals beside them. What are funny vegans who will protest outside a restaurant that serves meat? But they will not come up with a solution to bring water to the Katie Porter for congress shirt. Where is PETA at in helping them? Guess they are too busy trying to find a way to take a small iceberg to them. lol.

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When we tried to tell you that their numbers were too high for the Katie Porter for congress shirt habitat you called us crazy and demonized us. Cites refused all our mitigation strategies said we were African so we don’t have a say. Now they are dying and it’s only going to get worse a person died yesterday after being bitten by police you didn’t even talk about it. you want Zimbabwe’s animal s and minerals more than its people.

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Its crying needs to take necessary steps to reduce world temperature which is the Katie Porter for congress shirt cause of global warming. For that Zimbabwe falls into the trap of drought. Wildlife is destructing but our sense didn’t work. Now we are becoming more selfish, all the time we think ourselves and our profit, power, influence, etc. As a result, poor nations are becoming more helpless. Have no man to see them. Rich nations should come forward to solve these problems. Amazon is burnt but we see as like as a looker. Since there’s no food in Zimbabwe, let’s hope the government uses that elephant meat to feed it’s people, so that they can get some proteins!

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