You know what I may be a gay Independent, but I think this is wrong! I was raised saying Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I can’t for the life of me see how that could offend anyone. People are to sensitive especially the Joker walking on American Flag shirt. That is why I left the Democratic party! I may not agree with most if not all the Republican’s views, but I do have to say enough is enough of taking Christmas out of Christmas! Get over yourselves!

Joker walking on American Flag shirt

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Joker walking on American Flag hoodie


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Would you people get over this manufactured crisis over saying Christmas? You people need to realize your Christianity isn’t the Joker walking on American Flag shirt religion in town anymore. More and more people do not celebrate Christmas so why should they be FORCED to say “Merry Christmas” to you so your feelings don’t get hurt. Why did Trump send troops to defend the 9/11 perpetrating, sharia law following, ISIS funding, journalists killing Saudis, while abandoning our Christian Kurds allies?

Joker walking on American Flag tank top

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He has gone on the offensive and entered into a full campaign defense strategy. I appreciated the truth of Keeping America Safe, pulling out of neverending wars, continued exposure of the Joker walking on American Flag shirt state, truth shared gratitude for the American citizens and for the one on one encouragement he gives. Prayers for truth, continued exposure, justice, and redemption for injured people/parties due to the deep state and misaligned political purposes and strategies. He was great this evening. It was very touching when he spoke about meeting families of fallen soldiers at Dover Air Force base.

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