I don’t think we should erase Columbus however his explorations should be read about in a history book like many other explorers of that time, and since he didn’t actually discover North America we shouldn’t elevate him to a platform or make him out to be a hero especially all the Joker Rick Fleck shirt he has committed, it just seems that Indigenous people deserve more recognition since they’ve actually done a lot more than we give them credit.

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We don’t need an indigenous people’s day. We have had holidays set for years and it was fine until all the Joker Rick Fleck shirt correct overly sensitive nuts started trying to rewrite history. If “indigenous people” want to celebrate their culture they can do it. But America does not need a national holiday for that. Has nothing to do with the founding of America. The reason people celebrate the Columbus days is that due to his voyages two separate branches of humanity have united again and the world changed beyond recognition.

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Look when we were kids and played cowboys and Indians game nobody wanted to be a cowboy. So believe me, around the Joker Rick Fleck shirt we held the (back then called them Indians) with very high regard. So don’t tell me this. You are off by a thousand miles… now you gonna claim that before natives thought Europeans how to sail they couldn’t make it here. I remember doing the exact same thing as a child, but don’t you feel based on all there contributions to our success, that they deserve a day to recognize that? Many people aren’t aware of most of the things that natives have done for this nation.

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