He’s done having a heart attack is serious at his age and now stents when he will have more surgeries within a year. That’s what usually happens. Not surprising with all the Joker dancing water reflection shirt he does As it is said your health comes first nothing is more important than that. Stress comes along with what he is doing not good at his age prays for his health and recovery.

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Now maybe the Joker dancing water reflection shirt Job will leave our medical and our Benefits alone now that he got his life saved because if he was on Obama care he would’ve died He gets special medical attention as all congress does. We the people got screwed. He has no business being President. It takes longer than two days to be back in mint condition. Don’t agree with Bernie’s policies, would never vote for him, but I wish him well and he is done for his bid as president. The younger more able-bodied get first dibs. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” The Lord works in mysterious ways. I hope for a fast recovery and a fast exit from the 2020 Presidential race.

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I wish Bernie well healthwise however, it wouldn’t be incorrect to comment that he doesn’t seem to have the Joker dancing water reflection shirt for campaigning anymore. I hope your heart attack was not too serious, but I’m afraid your campaign is done. Go home and be a grandpa. Not worth it from the stress of running for President with a year to go and then the election and the stress of running the country!

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