The issue of the Bible being not the right version has been discussed for several centuries, in fact the true version was stolen in the temple. It is believed that the stolen bible contain deep message. The light, the John Wick thousand hand shirt, and wisdom.I’m glad I live in America where all versions of the Bible are accepted. All religions are free to practice as they wish and no one is ever persecuted for their religious beliefs. We have every type of Jesus you could ever want. You want baby Jesus or if you want the adult Jesus it doesn’t matter we have both Jesus’s.

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I pray for your church in China. Lord supply them with your word. I come against and bind the John Wick thousand hand shirt and evil spirits over the region and lose the freedom to worship you. Send your warrior angels to fight the battle. Bring many disciples to your knowledge and power so they will know how to pray and be victorious in China. You will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Deliver the church from evil. In the mighty name above all names-Jesus.

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You know there’s a section of Korean ‘Christianity’ that claims to be Christian, but actually worships something called ‘Mother God’ and a man named Ahnsahnghong? So, it’s possible that they’re preaching a false gospel anyway. the John Wick thousand hand shirt day he will put 720 million women back to work if he’s elected! The only problem is that the current total population of the United States is 327 million! I would love to see how he plans on doing that.

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