All coming down under the Joe Burrow For Heisman LSU Shirt government that was set up before Obama left office, I said it back then and I’m saying it now, It’s all the swamp. I have a big idea let’s pass some bills instead of focusing on impeachment especially where he will never be removed and pass things like usmca among other crap instead shiff and Pelosi who Have been caught lying on national television ruin this country which has the best economy ever.

Joe Burrow For Heisman LSU Shirt

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Pelosi why not get on the real Americans side! You and your Party are obstructing the Joe Burrow For Heisman LSU Shirt of law and by doing this sets a Precedence That every American can get caught up into this Circus The house is a joke. No actual work being done now for nearly 3 years. Just investigations. You’d think they were the House of Investigations rather than a body elected to create and adjust laws!

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The judicial system will never be the Joe Burrow For Heisman LSU Shirt because of what these clowns are doing…can’t make up their minds about the rules, then when they do they break them…what a farcical cluster storm she and the democrats will experience if they go through an impeachment process. Everything is fair game at that point and they obviously don’t realize how vulnerable they will be. If only Trump had used his own money to bribe the leader of a foreign country to fake dirt on a political opponent, then we’d be fine with it, it’s that he used taxpayer money to try and bribe Ukraine that annoys me.

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