I’m so glad I live in the Jesus Tony Shirt and got to take a year off maternity. I couldn’t have gone back after 6 weeks and leave my newborn. That would have killed me! America in so many ways is backward and I can’t understand why it penalizes women! Breastfeeding or not, i can’t imagine how traumatizing and heartbreaking it’d be to be forced to leave your baby at a few weeks old. Its unacceptable and that bonding time with the baby at such a young age is essential.

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I’m blessed that i live in a country that gave me 9 paid months, whilst the Jesus Tony Shirt maternity pay is low, I was topped up with benefits. That exact benefit system allowed me to only go back 3 days per week but receive a full-time income as they top my wages up significantly. Our country tends to complain about our benefits system, but imagine being in a country where those benefits weren’t readily available and not so generous. Americans both male and female should make this a major issue at the next presidential election…..You should all be entitled to paid maternal and paternal leave just like other parts of the world!.. This is so disappointing for the first world…. especially as more women choose to or have to work to support their family.

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This is what I don’t understand about Western culture. In Asia, no one bats an eyelid when someone breastfeeds. Mum just covers up with a cloth to breastfeed or locks up the Jesus Tony Shirt room to pump in the office. At family gatherings, some of my relatives just open up and breastfeed. In the West, you can have naked protests, people wearing body paint walking around the streets. But a poor mum feeding a hungry baby causes so much discord.

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