Curiosity of human mind ! Why even weight it, for what? And so What if you knew its weight ? from there , you want to weigh the earth. Where will you stand? Calm down and drink your beers. This is our planet don’t ask me for the Jesus loves you but I don’t go fuck yourself shirt  title deeds. Sally Schwartz You should also realise that Facebook is not a scientific platform to attract scientific reactions only. Comments have divergent perspectives . Some comments hinge on mockery or humour. Dont limit yourself to your view point. Does this help you to understand basic premises of Facebook commentary?

Jesus loves you but I don’t go fuck yourself shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Tank top


Ladies tee


I come here on Facebook mainly for stupid comments and I also enjoy contributing stupid ones. I dont want to be serious all the Jesus loves you but I don’t go fuck yourself shirt  time. You get it. Kayunga Kayunga Oh, so now you are the arbiter of Internet protocol and procedure, are you Kayunga? You are a very disturbed and angry little man, much like an American mass shooter. Do we need to be concerned about you? Didn’t read the article, but all you need to know is density of whale flesh and the volume of the whale. I’m sure they can estimate volume from pictures.

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