They’ve been on this trajectory for 3 years. They thought the Iron Maiden Christmas Tree Sweatshirt circus would do their bidding but the circus left town without being able to Lynch they intended. This is just another stop on the crazy train The GOP wanted a process, they got one then refused the process, trying to make people believe that it was a vote on moving on charges for impeachment – it never was that because it is not at that point yet, it is still in the investigations stage. Some congressmen are bent on trying to confuse their constituents.

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Necessary and clear cut need for removal. Criminal abuse of power, cover-ups, obstruction of justice and Congress…it’s just so obvious that it can’t be ignored or we risk the Iron Maiden Christmas Tree Sweatshirt  of our representative democracy. The alternative is a future where every politician sells out to as many foreign governments as possible. I’m a Trump supporter and I am motivated to vote a straight pro-life Republican ticket in 2020. and I know they do nothing liberals will continue to cook up the most outlandish, idiotic obstacles they can create to derail this president.

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Right now it looks like the only people trying to interfere with the Iron Maiden Christmas Tree Sweatshirt election are the lying hypocritical Democrats and their deep state buddies. They know they can’t beat him in a fair election so they are doing whatever they can to get rid of him or make him look bad before next November. Hey, Nancy if the Dems don’t do their jobs to do bills to help the American people then you can forget about Dems staying in the office during this election year. Get a grip and get to work to help the Americans who voted for you.

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