The reality is that not one of us commenting here have any more idea than the next how much of the I love Chicago sport shirt coming from either side is fact, but here’s something that nearly all who are not hypnotized into believing anything and everything that falls out of a Socialist’s … ( formerly known as Democrat’s), face, or any of their scripted minions, ( formerly known as news anchors), even when their narrative and rhetoric is exposed and proven to be a fabrication, or simply a spin using just enough verbiage and twisting the context, to support a narrative and drive an agenda.

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What the Dems, libs, and haters haven’t figured out yet, is that all they have to do is give him credit for doing the I love Chicago sport shirt things. You don’t have to like him, just recognize his contributions! He is smart enough to know we need to drain the swamp. We really do, so he can concentrate on solutions for America. We have had it with the Democrats, and their games. Too bad the President could not just fire all the ones, not working, and clean house.

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Harry Reid. Anyone who underestimates Trump is not intelligent. He is a great strategist always focussed on the I love Chicago sport shirt he wants to achieve. The vicious chaotic lawless dems fall into all his traps all the time. And he knows how to deal with the dems’ traps to his own benefit. Trump 2020. If he were still in the Senate, he’d be leading the impeachment charges with the rest of his lunatic Senators. Go away Harry, no one cares what you think anymore, even if you’re right.

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