The US pays about as much in taxes altogether as other countries, but we don’t have Healthcare or higher education and can’t eliminate poverty because we spend it all on the military. Again, half of the Hung Like Epstein shirt is so brainwashed, they think that just by “working hard” somehow you can become rich. My husband works 80 hour weeks and I work full time for state government, in one of the cheapest states in the US, and it’s still a struggle.

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I’m baffled by our segment of the Hung Like Epstein shirt that can’t even conceptualize something like Medicaid for all, while using it if they need it, and understanding that it will actually be cheaper than paying an evil insurance company, because of a misunderstanding of what socialism is. do you like having the police or firefighters? What about social security when you retire or unemployment if you are fired or laid off? You can’t pick and choose these things either?.

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I understand this point of view. I just respectfully disagree with it. There are certain needs to which I believe the government is likely the Hung Like Epstein shirt able to respond. Your government is running a huge deficit based on two things – tax cuts for the wealthy and military spending. Shaming people into donating to charities sounds like extortion to me. However, I want to thank you for engaging in rational discourse. It’s refreshing! And I think we can demonstrate that disagreements can be respectful.if you don’t want children, or can’t have them, you depend as a society on the next generation to produce the doctors, engineers, carers, mechanics, plumbers, etc. that you’ll need as you get older.

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