It seems like people aren’t thinking things through. The Hung Like Epstein best shirt to any tax always surprises me. How do they think we build roads, water purification systems, schools, hospitals, pay the military, first responders, etc.? And if America claims to be a Christian nation then why are so many opposed to looking after people who need a little extra help? that maybe the society you want to live in. Not me. You can’t claim to be a Christian nation and harbor attitudes like that.

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We have statutory maternity pay which is 90% of full pay for 6 weeks then £148 a week for 33 weeks. If your employer had their own scheme then you can get a lot more for longer depending on how long you’ve been there. The employer pays mat pay and they claim it back from the Hung Like Epstein best shirt. Please don’t think that because the founders didn’t think we were and we are NOT. I am fine with taxes, we pay for all of those things with various forms of taxes (corporate, income, estate the list goes on) and guess what?

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Even with the trillions of dollars we give our government, they still spend more money than they take in, running deficits. Also, a side note simply because I don’t believe the Hung Like Epstein best shirt should run these programs doesn’t mean I don’t help people who need it through other means. There are dozens of charities that run a more efficient operation than the Government and those places should be funded voluntarily and people should.

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