I agree that he is smart but in an evil way. No ethics, compassion or empathy. Greed, jealousy, revengeful, narcissism gets in his way of being a successful individual. You need certain qualities to be a leader and Trump is lacking in that department. Following protocol is an important element in governing and Trump does not have the Heart Diamond Los Angeles Rams Shirt to follow directions. His way or no way.

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You want them to say thank you with a smile after they screw this country out of millions and billions of dollars? How else could our past president afford a 15 million dollar mansion on a community organizer’s Salerno? Do the math lady, you might learn something! He is the Heart Diamond Los Angeles Rams Shirt of the United States, the Top political figure. Who is he supposed to listen to besides the people that elected him? Oh, by the way, I think he is more successful than you. So you really can not say too much.

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You are so blinded by the Heart Diamond Los Angeles Rams Shirt because like all the others like you, you allowed yourselves to be fooled by lies to make you hate this president. Too much hate that you can’t think well. Brainwashed!you hit the nail on the head, but concluded wrongly, he was voted in precisely for his non political experience, he told us what his vision was, and has delivered in spades, he doesn’t pretend to be articulate, elitist, or snobbish, which is your preferred model, he let’s rip when he has to, and contrary to your lack of empathy etc remarks, he most certainly does have, but only to those who are deserving, his life has revolved around his love of America and what it stands for, unlike the previous occupier.

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