Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy in the mother never explains why the doctors would operate on a healthy child. She couldn’t have abused the Heart Diamond Houston Astros shirt with surgery if the doctors hadn’t gone along with it. I think the Doctors should be the ones going to Jail. The Mother did everything she could to take her son to the hospital for checks and Doctors didn’t do their tests properly. It seems like a cover-up from the Doctors for their poor performance!

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Some of the medical systems failed Christopher, Don’t MRI’s, CAT Scans and x-rays show if there is a need for surgery? How were the Heart Diamond Houston Astros shirt able to do surgery without true testing to rule out things? So sad for Christopher. Hoping for a better life for him. Ok if doctors approved 13 surgeries there must have been something to it or were they just going along for the money.

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Doctors should be held accountable but in a for-profit medical system they are only interested in money. Or have you already forgiven them for the opioid crisis. It’s really sad how people fail to read an article that explains what happened. Instead, they choose to misinterpret the headline. Fox does this on purpose. Road rage is just a stupid person being selfish and not having any respect for other drivers. If you get that angry, take a bus, that is if you can even handle that, this kind would probably shoot somebody over the Heart Diamond Houston Astros shirtseat because that’s how these road ragers are.

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