But I don’t get it, why so many Doctors/nurses performed unnecessary surgeries on a child. Don’t the Heart Diamond Detroit Lions Shirt perform proper check-ups and tests before any surgeries and/or prescribing medications. Especially Most medical professionals are very careful with children, it doesn’t matter how many hospitals been changed. I still don’t understand unnecessary surgeries.

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People with Munchausen by Proxy have actually given their children poisons to make them have symptoms that make it appear they need surgery, at least exploratory because the Heart Diamond Detroit Lions Shirt can’t figure out what’s wrong. This probably wasn’t 13 surgeries by 1 dr. It was probably 13 different Drs, possibly in 10 or more different hospitals. I understand the mother was lying about his symptoms and that would have prompted some unnecessary testing but how do you get all the way to 13 surgeries when the boy had no real illness?

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Such ignorance on the part of some posters. Google Munchausen by proxy. There have been other cases. Read! I’ve watched numerous TV programs about this syndrome. It’s awful. The Heart Diamond Detroit Lions Shirt are brainwashed and tortured with unnecessary medical treatment. The mom’s go-to numerous different doctors. It’s very elaborate and planned out. It’s not always easy to catch in the medical field. The mothers aren’t stupid. and she should never be allowed to ever see that child again in her lifetime. What that poor child endured. Are the physicians being investigated for going along with and participating in this horror?

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