It would be just as bad as colleges or universities accepting endowments from wealthy donors and then later then the donor’s children are given special consideration in attending. But we all know THAT doesn’t happen. What’s the Heart Diamond Arizona Cardinals Shirt between parents paying colleges to get their kids in a good school and colleges paying athletes to get in their college some people never say a word as long as the college wins.

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Rocked the nation? Has everybody else been living in a bubble? Of course, this occurred because it has ALWAYS occurred. Investigations will only scratch the surface and the Heart Diamond Arizona Cardinals Shirt will make it sound as if this is a rare thing so as not to dig too deep. The size of this will not be exposed and the elite will be protected.. as always. What is the big deal rich have been doing it for years how do you think they get new libraries they main alumni benefactor donates money for it to be built and now his stoner kid gets in.

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Did it really rock the Heart Diamond Arizona Cardinals Shirt? Did it really? Was anyone really surprised that wealthy parents paid off people to make sure their kids (in some cases spoiled brats) got into a prestigious school?It rocked their elitest part of the nation. The part that wants to run things. Apparently they have no self-awareness at all. Most of the country doesn’t care about you.The fact is those people who used money to get their kids in colleges and the people who accepted that money were keeping kids, decent kids who have worked hard out of the spot they would have achieved. This is wrong there is no other way of looking at it.

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