And remind me again what Joe Biden did oh wait it’s okay for him to bribe the leader of Ukraine with money by telling them he can’t get his money if he doesn’t get rid of the prosecutor that was Prosecuting his son’s company’s business dealings all the Hard Rock Cafe DIagon Alley Shirt wanted to do was have that investigated…. so I guess it’s okay for a Democrat to bribe a leader of a country but this country’s presidents it’s not okay to find out if there was wrongdoing in what Biden did.

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Total bull fake crimes, accusations without any evidence but the Hard Rock Cafe DIagon Alley Shirt crimes with evidence will be exposed by Barr and the prosecutor from the justice department But the Democrats have interfered with the 2016th election. And this impeachment inquiry is designed to interfere with the 2020 election by smearing Trump. Well let’s say one thing Biden was the political opponent he has to win the primary first but I’m sure Trump knows he has no problem beating them all.

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As a president, he has every right to ask a foreign power to investigate corruption. We even created a law that allows that a few years ago. The Hard Rock Cafe DIagon Alley Shirt is that DEMS have done so for years and are caught on tape making blatant agreements for quid pro quo. Trump did not do that. This is the Democratic Double Standard on full display. Don’t look at the corrupt terrorist actions of the left but only look at what we say. There goes Schiff’s mouthpiece making up lies again. What a disgrace this so-called judge has become on Fox News. I bet 90 percent of Fox viewers change the channel every time he spews his hatred toward President Trump.

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