I will vote for President Trump in the next election but I pray that Bernie and Tulsi are kept safe from the Hail Santa Christmas Sweat shirt Mafia. People who cross the Clintons by doing crazy things like telling the truth must watch their backs. Maybe the only thing I can agree on with Bernie but he is always at least honest about what he is trying to do. Why so bold to defend her? Because she served? no, because she’s a Dem. If parry attacked a republican, any republican, they would have left it out there to give it the benefit of the doubt.

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Bernie said something that wasn’t completely stupid… that happens about once every 20yrs so make note of this one because he won’t live long enough for it to happen again. Tulsi is just as much of a leftist as Bernie (endorsed him in 2016) just more subtle about it. Spatting with Hillary doesn’t matter as much in the Hail Santa Christmas Sweat shirt picture.

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This is probably staged to make it look like the Hail Santa Christmas Sweat shirt actually have one rational voice among all of them even though she is just as extreme and socialist as the rest of them. She will most likely be their candidate. Don’t agree at all with Bernies’ ideology, but he is right on this one. He is at least consistent with his ideology; however; Killary, she is straight-up evil, on the other hand, is an avowed friend of Soviet-era supporters and an avowed socialist. At least HRC allies will continue to scatter like quail.

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