‪Not sure why people are against Kanye being an influential Christian. The apostle Paul was labeled “chief of the Green Bay Packers Joker smoking shirt ” persecuting and murdering Christians before following Christ. He then became the apostle who would write thirteen books of the New Testament.‬ Loved the churches there for their beautiful music, their genuine love for God, and for their fellow people – black or white. This service reminded me of the good people there. God has always led this country in the right direction. I see that some are saying that Kayne is doing this for money and fame. However, I think that this revival will bring the American people closer together.

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If you think about it he has the Green Bay Packers Joker smoking shirt audience to spread the news too. I hope it’s genuine, I hope it’s real. I hope that those coming to Christ know what it is and the responsibility of it. I hope that they have a follow-up apparatus setup that will track these young souls because the salvation experience without a road map to ongoing sanctification will make these vulnerable souls ripe for the picking for the enemies worldly tactics that emanate from our current culture. (Matthew 13) parable of the sower (soils).

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I don’t understand making fun of someone for believing in Jesus. You may think it’s stupid, but if they aren’t bothering anybody or forcing their beliefs on others, what’s the Green Bay Packers Joker smoking shirt? Y’all are miserable, sad people. God bless those that are brave enough to shout their faith and not be intimidated by others.I don’t understand why people have to go through laughing at every comment showing any sort of positivity towards this event. Why are people so threatened by something they don’t believe exists?

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