Pelosi and Schiff want to know why they weren’t informed.I can tell you one thing it’s not standard Operating procedure to reveal info of that type and matter to people in the Gift Christmas Nurse shirt that are under suspicion of Treason!for being smart enough NOT to reveal his agenda to the folks that have made it their life’s mission to subvert and destroy him and his administration. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why he’d keep his “plans” quiet. They are so petty that they can’t even give him props bc they’re are too busy crying about the missed opportunity to sabotage his plans and put our soldiers at risk of being killed.

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No real plan that you knew about, Nancy, how’d your conversation go over in Jordan just days before this raid was carried out, seems like you were the Gift Christmas Nurse shirt one that didn’t know in your meetings in Jordan, you must have looked pretty stupid I agree! Great victory! My concern is with every leader captured or killed, another one takes his place. So, take our wins where we can and just know it’s not really over. And they love getting revenge, so brace yourselves. Stay safe!

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Thank you Lindsey Graham yes our president is very special he does the best that he can with what he has that’s why all the Gift Christmas Nurse shirt should have his back congratulations Special Forces that brought this murderer down campaign everyone thinks this is something for Donald Trump in his campaign not he’s the man to do a president’s job he is for the American people and that’s what we need God Bless the USA God bless our President Donald Trump in 2020 bring it back and given to America

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