The Friends TV Show Queen Shirtare ignorant people who wouldn’t protest against the worthless Obama who actually separated more families and put children in cages during his years of the president. They slam her for everything. The feminists hate her for being herself. They’re the most hypocritical group to exist. They want her to wear a scarlet A on the chest, while they run around bullying her. just walk away to protest what exactly? A woman that wants to help children? Must be some pretty messed up care that patients receive at this hospital.

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As always, and with dignity and grace. Our First Lady rose above these 200 wastes of space and focused on the Friends TV Show Queen Shirt and families that are part of this very valuable program. I shudder to think that these “protesters” are involved in any way in the care of anyone. Anyone of any party that is trying to help infants that need help should be welcome. If people can’t get over their political differences to help afflicted babies, that speaks volumes about them.

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Nixon in 1976 didn’t teach yall to follow the Friends TV Show Queen Shirt and the truth? Stop with the hate monger and I sure hope Dems and Republicans can be less disrespectful once this animal is removed from office. I’ll take any Republican right now to fill the vacuum void once Chump is Impeached I always cry hearing such horrifying stories about the hurt doggies. I get super sad when I see a homeless dog in the street, it’s crazy how that’s not the case when I see homeless people. Dogs are so precious.


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