As president of the Friends Legend Rappers christmas sweater States, he has the constitutional right and authority to have people or situations investigated if they have broken the law. Regardless of their political ambitions. So Joe Biden uses his role as VP to get his son a position in Ukraine but the sitting President cannot use his power to ask for information? Ridiculous Just because Biden is a (laughable) Presidential candidate, does not mean he should not be investigated for his activities in Ukraine. Since when does running for office preclude you from the criminal investigation?

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It looks like Ukraine has meddled once again in the Friends Legend Rappers christmas sweater. They must be sitting back laughing their tail off at how the US is imploding with the nudge of their handiwork. They are playing the Dems like a fiddle. “Devil Went Down to Georgia” comes to mind. He is trying so hard to get the President impeached. And the President shouldn’t have to give that crooked assed Ukraine money until he was satisfied the new President was going to do the right thing. Napolitano is so irrelevant anyhow.

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Irrelevant, democrats have never found any legal or illegal grounds for impeachment, they’re just freaking out regarding the next election in which Trump will be triumphant again He begged Trump for a judicial appointment including possibly the Friends Legend Rappers christmas sweater court. The president turned him down, just like he did with Kellyanne Conway’s husband for a legal job. Both became Anti-Trumpers afterward. What law did he break cuz that’s when impeachment comes in to play, and they really want to undermine the office of the presidency… Republicans let Clinton off the hook because they knew what would happen if they proceeded.

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