You know, I am getting sick and tired of these dsmn Atheists. Here is why. For a group of people who believe there is NO GOD, sure seem to get riled up at the Freddie Mercury Christmas Tree shirt sight of anything mentioning God. If as you say God doesn’t exist, why do you care if we “delusional people” choose to believe in God and share it with whoever wants to also believe. So to all Atheists, I say to chill the heck out. Bravo to the sheriff. People around this country need to stand strong and push back against the loony left.Many on the loony political left are so entranced by the beauty of their vision that they cannot see the ugly reality they are creating in the real world.

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Not only should it say “in god we trust” but it shou ld also be added “and no one else.” Do you know what we should be concerned about? Body cams. It should be a felony for anyone in law enforcement sporting a body cam to shut it off or obstruct its view before, during and after an encounter with ANY citizen. If these atheists do not believe in God, are they going to suppress the Freddie Mercury Christmas Tree shirt of those who do? They are just a minority and a little % of the population. The majority cannot give in to the caprice of these non-believers.

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Thank you, Sheriff Ivy, for your stand for God and our country! You have been a spokesman for many rights of the people in Brevard Co. Fl. and for the Freddie Mercury Christmas Tree shirt Amendment also. We are proud of you for putting these decals on the deputy I’m sorry but our country was founded on God we trust and even with compassion or understanding the complainer needs to keep his lack of faith to themselves.

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