Betrayal is a leitmotif for this president’s entire life. Think of how he cheated on his wives. Think of the infant child of a nephew who had crucial medical benefits withdrawn by Trump because of Trump’s retaliation against his nephew over an inheritance dispute. Think of those who enrolled at Trump University and were defrauded. Think about the Freddie Mercury Christmas Ooooooh Shirt whom Trump has stiffed. Think of Jeff Sessions, the first prominent Republican to endorse Trump, whom Trump viciously turned against because Sessions had properly recused himself from overseeing the investigation into whether Russia had intervened in the 2016 election.

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A national pro-Trump protest of the Democrats trying to impeach our President should be organized. We should march on congress and demand they cease this nonsense! Get back to work legislating! The Freddie Mercury Christmas Ooooooh Shirt has done nothing for 4 years and is becoming rich off middle-class tax dollars! If I knew about this protest I would have been there. This needs to be a daily occurrence in front of the Capitol Bldg and/or White House.

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If it were a real inquiry, all 435 members of the Freddie Mercury Christmas Ooooooh Shirt would be involved since the sole power to impeach belongs to the whole house of representatives, not just Nancy and a few of her friends The party that won’t pass any bills, even bipartisan bills, won’t provide documents, or show up to testify. Yeah, sure they should be a party to only what they choose. Why hide things, because one party is destroying our air, water, jobs, enabling income inequality to continue, tax inequality to advantage businesses and the wealthy, and is led by someone who lies, demeans and promotes division, and seems to only be working for Putin’s benefit. That and the fact that they don’t have to at this point but will when it’s needed. I’m sure they’d welcome cooperation by anyone.

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