My son was born 32 years ago and nothing has gotten better. I went back to work 6 weeks after using all of my vacation days and pumped in the stall of the bathroom. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the Fountain SZN shirt. In Norway, most of the shopping malls have a designated place for moms to breastfeed, but it is perfectly acceptable to nurse in public.I would not want to be forced to feed my child in a bathroom!

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No paid parental leave? Move to Canada. We have one year of paid parental leave. But it might look like socialism. We pay into a fund every paycheque. It’s called Employment Insurance. Our federal government runs it. It’s funded by payroll deductions. Among other things, it administers 1 year of paid parental leave. Having to leave your baby after only two weeks must be traumatic for both you and the Fountain SZN shirt.

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If you can pay into a fund you can pay the Fountain SZN shirt into your own fund and save money prior to having the child no? Seriously I don’t want children why should I foot the bill for those that do what to continue to populate the planet? Then when you go to college, like you’re told to do and work towards your whole young life, then your uneducated parents say you’ve been brainwashed by your education. Meanwhile, they literally know nothing else besides what Fox News tells them. Sorry for my rant, I’ve been having a hard time with this for a while now..

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