You do realize using foreign aid as leverage is ubiquitous? Also if running for high office immunizes someone from corruption investigations what kind of standard are we setting?The two worst candidates in the Feeling better than bob shirt of our country’s presidential elections. As to whether I remain or leave Facebook, my own counsel I will keep on that, good sir. I don’t demand that you take your views and beliefs off your timeline.

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I certainly don’t agree with your views. But you are entitled to your views, just as I’m entitled to disagree with them. It’s called a free society. I can’t imagine what we could be like if we were all made to agree with everything the Feeling better than bob shirt says and dictates simply because he is who he is. Respect the office of the president?

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What exactly does that prove? He is the Feeling better than bob shirt. He is well aware of all the corruption that was occurring In Ukraine before during and after the election. Why are you not upset with the Dems using foreign influence in our elections. Maybe we should get Mueller to look into this I was saying is you should be able to see how I came to my original conclusion of you because of what I read on your page. You are one of the few that kindly explained your side which I do appreciate. I am sorry for lumping you into that group but because of the majority of people that have things like that on their page it was easy for me to .


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