Earlier this year, the city of Green Bay nearly lost one of its own police K9 dogs, Pyro along very similar circumstances. He made a full recovery. Hopefully the Fat Thor I can do it shirt for Hunter happens! Isn’t hurting a police dog the same as injuring a human officer. Like serious jail time don’t pass Go. Looks like they would have shot the guy. I wish they would have. That dog is worth more than that idiot .So so SICK of them using innocent animals!! They should be used for searches only, not chasing suspects.

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Too many dogs are getting hurt or killed. Police officers are trained and can think tactically to keep themselves as safe as possible. Dogs cannot, to them it is a game. It’s like sending in a child to confront a dangerous person. How about the Fat Thor I can do it shirt States work on the ridiculous amount of red tape, hoops, and cost bestowed upon those who want to come here?? Fix the real issues, then folks won’t have to sneak in.

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Every vehicle MUST be searched, if not how many hundreds will infiltrate the US each day. We definitely need a wall for our own protection, and to insure we aren’t paying for something we have earned. Come on “elected officials” do your jobs and quit with all the Fat Thor I can do it shirt you’ve been playing around with. How about if politicians worked on immigration and other policies that need to be solved and stopped with all the impeachment nonsense. They’re not doing they’re jobs. They need to do what we elected them to do.

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