Cherie, I’m a medically disabled vet who has served 2 tours overseas, I have a CAB and I can promise you no atheist is praying in his last moments. The Elephant Santa Light Christmas Sweatshirt It is just ridiculous to assert that. Nor is faith a reason people serve others. Just flat out wrong.the  Literally every part is false. Cherie Gibeault, I’ve never been shot, but I’ve faced imminent death on several occasions and, as a life long atheist, never once prayed or tried to call on God to protect me.

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I did not say, everybody. I said many. And you are one person. With your own experience and I respect you. I was a Marine wife, the Elephant Santa Light Christmas Sweatshirt of a Vet. I spent my first part of my working experience as a patient advocate in a hospital serving others that needed a voice. My experiences don’t give me a right to tell you that your experience is false. Do I? No. I am saying it happens. I have witnessed this and if we could stop attacking everything you don’t agree on then maybe just maybe we can find peace.

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I said. A sarcastic joke. About how many times a person in a hell situation all of a sudden turns to God. How many times. Many… not all. I’m also saying many serve the Elephant Santa Light Christmas Sweatshirt ( atheist and believers they serve all … they don’t ask they just serve. ) If a police officer has faith and it gives him or her strength to risk his life for me or my family, I’m not going to complain about what he believes. I’m going to respect and be grateful.

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