No, older generations created the Donald Trump water reflection shirt it away from culture – not the kids. Kids these days are trying to change and protesting over systemic issues. If you can join the army or get married at 16, why the heck can’t you protest? It’s nonviolent and they deserve that we answer to them. I hope this inspires young people to study green energy. And ways to make biodegradable plastic. Ways to Save the Earth. Ask any of them what they plan to do to help?

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Just think, Stevie Wonder released his first album at 16, thousands of 16-year-olds signed up for the Donald Trump water reflection shirt during WWI and WWII, Joan of Arc was just a teenager, children in the US protested segregation and child labor conditions – why are you trying to belittle a generation who is using the only tool they have at their disposal? Greta is an incredible person who not only inspired her peers but many of her elders too. May we continue to learn from you, Greta. You have wisdom beyond your years. If the Trolls and Deniers, Shamers and Insulters would please take the exit to the right. There’ll be a bus waiting to take you to the appropriate site.

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What is even your point…are you complaining just because kids have it easier now? Would you be happier and less jealous if things were still as difficult for them? You can’t expect the world to stay the Donald Trump water reflection shirt as it was 50+ years ago. The point is to make things better and easier, progress. Stop whining about how hard you had it back in your time, but be thankful things are much better now.

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