The steps taken are not addressing the District of Champions Washington’s shirt cause which is Farmers in neighboring states burning crops residual. There has to be some law preventing that to happen. And the dumb thing is, those masks have no protection whatever – they are just there to make the poor suckers think the Government is doing something. Still, they can send rockets into Space and make atomic bombs so that’s OK then! One big problem is that many of these masks, the ones in the pictures, do nothing to protect against air pollution. Unfortunately, many of these are meant only to contain somewhat aerosols from spreading from the persons wearing them; they are not meant to keep particulate matter and volatiles out.

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I hope the District of Champions Washington’s shirt is in time. Such sacrifice should not be necessary but sadly was from a pure, caring sister. This is why I am so grateful for our benefit system and NHS-no matter how flawed and abused it is. Aw, my heart goes out to this girl and her brother. It is unbelievable that this happens in this day and age. I hope she gets well also her brother and that she achieves what she is aiming for. Wishing her all the best for the future.

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The District of Champions Washington’s shirt this woman has for her brother is incredible. May she regain her health and complete her studies. Hopefully, this story can bring about change and reform where possible to help out persons in situations as this. What a selfless person she is. An incredible act to go through all that and still put her brother first. It’s also shameful that she has been ‘off the radar’ for almost 2 years and I do understand some places in China are in the middle of nowhere. Glad she is getting the much-needed support.

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