Until the beginning of European slave Africa covered with sophisticated empires and was probably the richest continent in the District of champions shirt. It is slavery and colonization that made Africans believe they are poor. I know that it’s surprising to everyone who lives outside of the United States about how little our society here cares about maternal/infant care and issues. Just look at our ranking across the world in this area. We suck. All we seem to care about is not aborting babies. Once they are born, we don’t care about them anymore nor do we care about the mother’s ability to nurture them. So ironic.

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There is nothing more joyful than raising a child and feeding him/her in a comfortable unstressed environment. Not giving up working forever, but the District of champions shirt should give her child more time at the beginning of his birth. I live in the US and I had a nightmare of experience after the birth of my twins. After having a c-section and not sleeping hardly at all, I had to go back to work when my boys were barely 6 weeks old.

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I had to beg my doctor for medical clearance even though my body wasn’t ready because I could not afford to take any more time off of work. I had planned for more time, but due to being on bed rest for 10 weeks prior to their birth, I didn’t have another option. I am a teacher on the District of champions shirt floor of a school, and I had to climb 3 flights of stairs multiple times a day while not being fully healed from my surgery. I was up every hour or two with my babies and I was a zombie. I had to pump (for two) in a supply closet in the school office while I simultaneously scarfed down my lunch before having to pick my students up from recess. That experience traumatized me. It’s too difficult to have children in this country.

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