In God, We Trust is our nation’s motto. Our country was founded by people who believe in God. We trust God to lead us in the Dinosaur Santa Christmas Tree Shirt of His righteousness and to protect us from evil. It seems to me that there is no better place to state this than on a sheriff or police vehicle. If atheists do not believe God exists, why does it concern them so much that others do? I didn’t ask if you did care. I’m not the one who made the original comment here. If you can’t handle others’ viewpoints, perhaps the social media format isn’t for you, cupcake.

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I know it’s hard when your argument has absolutely no evidence to back it up and all you have is a talking snake but, c’mon, it’s quite simple to understand.The Dinosaur Santa Christmas Tree Shirt  I go to church I believe in God. That’s my personal choice no one else my relationship with God has nothing to do with you or anyone else. I don’t see what part people don’t understand about what it shouldn’t really personally offend you or anyone. I went to a private religious school also. You don’t offend me in any way I’m finding you and anyone else who is offended by God amusing.

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I saw your photo with your little devil horns. So you don’t believe in God, but you believe in Satan?? That is hilarious. If you believe in Satan, then you know there is a God. Satan is the antiChrist.You know there are many atheists like myself that have cursed God in our minds before and as you can see the vast majority of us don’t end up getting shot 4 times in the Dinosaur Santa Christmas Tree Shirt, run over by a bus, have our foot broken in a horrible accident as some supposed wrath that God is laying on us.

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