Is it another one of Trump’s deflection of the news that he is being investigated for soliciting help from a foreign country with his reelection? Or, is it an action directed by Trump to pay back Russia for helping him get elected as the Deadpool Viking Norse Pool shirt president? If that is the case, what is next for the USA? A declaration of war against one of our allies? Again, what’s next for the USA, under the watch of a president like Donald Trump? Very snarky indeed Senator, but you don’t answer to the American people, just those in South Carolina, see the difference in gravity Senator. You still haven’t uploaded a lot of your McCain inherited traits, you need to work on that, its unbecoming.

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How long do we stay then? How many decades how many deaths does it take to say we fulfilled our purpose there? We are talking about an area of the world who has been fighting with each other for 1000 years and they will 4000 more. It is not up to us to police the world. What is the Deadpool Viking Norse Pool shirt? The allies in the area were approached to take over or help with the responsibility of the area and they weren’t willing. It’s time to go. We have enough blood on the ground there.

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If the Deadpool Viking Norse Pool shirt keep his promise to bring home our soldier,please give our friend the weapon they need to defend himself again to those want to slave theme ,they are the bravest people I know even a young woman or a child are fighting the evil isis to protect the civilian,they lost too much,lots of men women and child to fight for all of us, help them in any way we can.

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