She’s a ridiculous caricature straight from “The Righteous Gemstones” from the extravagant prosperity to the hilarious and preposterous “talking in tongues”. What a scam! Yeah, two charlatans putting on a show for everyone else. There’s as much religious conviction between the two of them as then is on the Dead Gonia vintage shirt of a pin. Pretty much none. She is exactly as nutty as I would expect someone would need to be for Trump to appreciate them, although I think the flamboyant, fawning flattery probably has more to do with it. Mr.Ego demands nothing less.

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Literally this is sickening. It would be inappropriate if he was an actual religious person, but no. Donald is a fake. A con. He doesn’t have a single clue about any values whatsoever. If there was a god, he/she/wouldn’t be golfing with Donald. Someone who needs to help you spiritually? Happens to be blonde and botoxed. He is not about conning the Dead Gonia vintage shirt people that he is sincere at all?

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After reading the Dead Gonia vintage shirt in this thread, it’s obvious the founders of this country included the free expression of religion in the 1st Amendment for a reason. It’s unfortunate no one is protected from the hatred or judgment expressed in this thread because that’s also included in our 1st Amendment. Some parents were just failures. Someone who tells him don’t do corruption, don’t bully people, help people not corporations but he doesn’t care and tell her if you want to keep your job just pray for me so I won’t get caught.

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