Seeing this on the BBC reminds me of an interview where Tony Blair says his faith doesn’t inform his political decisions. Americans mock middle eastern theocracies but they aren’t too far off from what some politicians here actually believe in. If she could do a brain transplant and find his heart, she’d be well worth the Dallas Luka Mania shirt, but laying on of hands, she’s just a replacement for Stormy. My goodness, the hypocrisy here is breathtaking. Trump allows this, yet he recently refused a request by the Australian Prime Minister to allow a televangelist from there to visit the White House with him.

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She certainly has the Dallas Luka Mania shirt appearance needed to provide faith to Trump. I hope it works out well for them. Any faith is better than none. Of course, God made her blonde with big gazungas and helped out with botox, wonder how long trump’s ‘confession’ takes Seed money is horrible. It takes advantage of people in terrible situations. People like this get rich while the people they are supposed to be helping grow poorer. She and others like her are an embarrassment to real religions.

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Good principal but Trump really only needs to read the Dallas Luka Mania shirt Testament for spiritual advice. In it, we see the Rich Ruler ( USA?) who regards him self righteous in keeping all the commands of God and asks to be a disciple of Christ. Jesus tells him to first let go of ALL his riches and give the proceeds to the poor and then follow Christ (which incidentally this rich man could just not do). Could it be possible that the American president has a different New Testament to the rest of us or perhaps is transcribing his own bigger, better version?

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