A lot of places have been jumping on the Dallas Cowboys Joker Poker Shirt selling used oil from cooking to be used as fuel etc rather than more harmful disposal methods. If there is a better way then do it My council has food waste put in bio biodegradable bags by residents and its collected every week and turned into compost. When it’s ready we can collect it for free. My dad said when he was young there was a large bin at the end of every street where he lived and local farmers would come along and give it to their pigs.

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When the Dallas Cowboys Joker Poker Shirt food is already there…but would be better to come to make less food that will not be eaten!! people should get used to less choice, and to the fact if something is finished you take something else to eat, in a supermarket to smaller exposition shelves, and shelves who are half empty because sold already…because “someone” made us used to see them all the time fully packed! and that’s, not real life! How much electricity and diesel are you using in this process? We have one near my hours and it runs 60hrs a week. 5 or 6 big loaders and multiple shredders running compost thru one, then moved to the next and next. Usings tons of diesel.

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My family has been doing this for generations. Composting is the Dallas Cowboys Joker Poker Shirt of life. You grow food. You eat food. The scraps are composted. The compost goes into your garden. You plant seeds in your garden. We do this in west Berkshire and all green waste is sent to an organic farm however I refuse to pay a diesel-powered truck to drive from door to door to pick up my green waste so I compost at home. We should adopt a system of tak8ng it to the supermarket when we go shopping saving the pollution of the truck driving door to door. Well done to the Parisians for using bicycle power for collection.

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