I was being conservative with my answer Cute Force Mandalorian Baby Yoda shirt. Damn, that just furthers my point. People who bring that up don’t know shit and were probably just floating around in their dad’s ballsack at the time. You really need to bone up on recent history. JFK died in 1963, five years before the snowball incident. We won the Championship in 1960 so it was after 8 years of futility that was going to stretch for almost another decade until Dick Vermeil came to town. We won the previous two games and the fans were pissed because we were already out of the playoffs. So the only thing those wins did was make us lose out on OJ. Don’t be dumb, CC! I know it’ll be hard but just hang in there. These guys were there well after the game ended.

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Had nothing to do with fandom or Cowboys fans as a whole Cute Force Mandalorian Baby Yoda shirt. Pretty positive the victim was a Cowboys fan as well…he was trying to break up a fight where this moron was waving a loaded gun around. As terrible as that murderer is, you can come right back and say Richard Sells was a hero for trying to break up that fight and perhaps saved another mans life. I get the whole hate on Dallas fans thinks, it’s fine, but let’s not cite murder as a Dallas fan thing. We all know that Santa had it coming…drunk got lit up with snowballs and he loved it. You guys seem to embrace it these days and I would personally love to throw snowballs. True, as much as we rip on you. MOST cowboys fans aren’t murderers. (Unpopular opinion?) Most cowboy fans, just like fans of other shitty organizations, are in reality pretty nice people, just misguided. In my experience, Texans actually tend to be quite warm and hospitable. I really wish more Cowboys fans were from Texas. And as far as I know, our fanbase has never cheered when a player suffered an injury that looked to paralyze him at first. That being said, all Philly fans aren’t crap. It’s always a small, loud minority of a group that ends up representing the group as a whole. Sorry, came for news on DeMarco (yall keep him plz) and I couldn’t come into this thread after reading that title.
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