The aid was held back from the release date of February 28th until September 11th, 48 hours after the Conan Dog Hero Zero Bark Thirty Shirt blower’s complaint to House Intel committee. Department of Defense for 45 years. Has met a gaggle of generals — and yes, lieutenant colonels — and found 99 percent of them to be upstanding, honest, hard-working and truthful. The sort of people I would go into battle with at the drop of a hat. The president proves every time he opens his mouth how little he knows about the military. 45*’s nickname, Cadet Bone Spurs, is well earned.

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The reason the Conan Dog Hero Zero Bark Thirty Shirt being released isn’t being believed is because the Democrats are making a show of releasing only bit and pieces of testimony., and given Schiffs gleeful “parody” reading of the transcript and the extremely obvious hate for Trump, any info being released becomes suspect if you weren’t just another Liberal maybe we’d believe you but due to your party affiliation and they’re also very well known to be big fat liars, it’s impossible to believe a word you’re saying.

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To me, it’s plain to see that these people have been feeding off of foreign aid for decades and using these corrupt foreign governments to do their dirty work! Now along comes Trump to expose them! They will use any means necessary to destroy him you knoweth not what you say. In the Conan Dog Hero Zero Bark Thirty Shirt . Because you assume. You don’t know. If you knew me at all, you’d know that I prefer my politicians and my military officers to be honest and upstanding. It’s called “core values.” Something the military and I abide by. Keep assuming, though. You’ll get many more replies like this.

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