These same teachers that are keeping the children out of school & missing schooling which will cause them to go longer into the summer, are the Collingwood player christmas tree shirt ones that will tell you they care about the children. Let that sink in for a moment.Really they think they deserve more money over 90% of Chicago students fail at every subject escpecially civics class however the students have mastered drive-by shootings.

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Think of the difference that could have been made. If the money the democrats wasted on fruitless investigations into the president.Would have been used in the Collingwood player christmas tree shirt school system. When I went to college to become a teacher, a great teacher once told me “it doesn’t matter how much money, whether you have state of the art technology or the support of the system. By the end of the day, it is what you did with the resources you were given with and the engagement of the student determines how great of a teacher you are”. This from an educator who was a teacher twenty years before I met her and only had a classroom budget of $150.

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Students are failing, you don’t reward that with a raise. Less and less taxpayer money actually goes to the Collingwood player christmas tree shirt and more goes to benefits and other overhead. Get the Union middleman out of the middle, they suck up money like nobody’s business and workers no longer need them as we have state and federal labor laws. I say if they want that raise they should only get 2-3 week vacation and the rest they paint walls and halls and work at the school until the school starts again.

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