A defining quality of a good president is the Cleveland Never Rocked Shirt to own your shortcomings and seek self-improvement. You have pointed the finger at so many other people this year but never yourself. It’s not the manager’s fault Kammy, you just suck and no one wants you running anything. In fact, grab a box because your days in congress are numbered as well! And all that money they have wasted just to try to prove their views. Can you imagine what could have been done with that money?

Cleveland Never Rocked Shirt

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So let me get this straight. She stinks as a candidate because of who she is & it’s the Cleveland Never Rocked Shirt manager’s fault? Sure Kamala, whatever I think she’ll hang in there until Iowa if she can manage the funds until then, then she’ll drop out once she sees her campaign isn’t going anywhere.. She has a good run for about 3 months lol time for her move aside. She probably needs to talk about trump more, that seems to get more attention for the dems these days. Or maybe free stuff.

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The DNC should set a deadline for entrants into the Cleveland Never Rocked Shirt. It doesn’t seem right to let people come in just before the primaries so that they campaign for just a few months. These current candidates have been at it for a year to date. That’s a lot more money needed to campaign that long. Hillary wouldn’t even have the physical stamina to endure an 18-month primary campaign. I’m not a fan of Democrats, but this is just a matter of basic fairness.

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    Printing is poor quality. Fast tracking.

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