She’s your mom, yes Christmas Unicorn Merry Kiss My Ass shirt. And would be nice for her to have a relationship with her granddaughter but once your daughter is old enough to start recognizing and mimicking behavior, is your mother really the example you want to be putting in front of her? There are members of my family that my children don’t see or spend time with because their awful behavior doesn’t warrant it, and because I want to let my kids spend time with good examples and good people. This is a super sucky situation, and I really feel for you. Your mother deserves to feel ashamed and lonely for the rest of her life. But there is still some help and reassurance you can provide to your dad, and maybe even help sway him to stand.

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I hate to say this, but your mom is a fucking cunt Christmas Unicorn Merry Kiss My Ass shirt. She has cheated multiple times, been caught, and manipulated everyone around her each time into thinking she’s the victim. If you truly care about her, as you claim to, you need to insist to her that she seek psychiatric help, immediately. Treat this situation as an intervention with everybody involved on board. Draw a line in the sand and stay on your side and make damn sure everybody is on the same page. If she can adhere to the terms of everyone’s demands, then possibly take the steps to repair the relationships that SHE has destroyed. Allowing this behavior, and you all have, does nothing hit enable her to do it again, and she will, in due time. I, having experienced something similar to this situation, That’s the sad truth. In the case of your father, he needs counseling as well to maybe figure out why he allows people to treat him that way. He sounds like a cool guy to me with a ton going for him.  He obviously deserves better. She got to be the boss for a long time, too long actually, and she showed with her actions repeatedly that she was not the right person for that job. She failed miserably in managing her marriage and her children. Fuck that shit. I utterly disagree, his father is not a great man for forgiving her, but weak. Don’t get me wrong, from how the op describes his father he really does come across as the perfect, loving, family man. I feel for him too, I really do
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