Impeachment trial will bring the Cat Xmas sweat shirt into the spotlight also, I want it to happen, the trial that is, I’m sure we will still have our president Trump, but I feel it will blow the Democrats narrative outta the water and maybe we can get them to finally legislate instead of witch hunt Why does Fox keep reporting these nonsense polls? I don’t know anyone that supports this nor anyone who has been polled. Oh, wait, now I remember because Fox has people like Paul Ryan on the board.

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I cannot believe that Fox News would even cite a poll like this and I cannot believe they would print such a headline. Read the details of the Cat Xmas sweat shirt! Only just above 1000 people were polled. And the interviewers were instructed to ask for the youngest male or female living in the home or else the sample was not recorded. Pay attention to the fact that Fox News has new owners that are not exactly in line with mainstream America.

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Who are you asking? Certainly not conservatives!! Every single conservative we know is against impeachment. What has happened to Fox News? You no longer seem to support conservatives and have become much more left-leaning! So disappointed! This poll is wrong just like they were in the Cat Xmas sweat shirt election. All you have to look at to see this is all of Trump’s rallies. People wait in long lines and request tickets for more seats than the venues hold. More fake news.

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