He was brutally beaten to death by the pro-Indian government of Bangladesh for a facebook post where he was criticized for some agreements between Bangladesh and India that against the Carolina Panthers Keep £ing shirt sovereignty of Bangladesh. Mother birth a child with hope of love and pray, grow up with beautiful blessing from parents but all become valueless misery memories remembering the life of childhood until his departure forever on this beautiful planet.  He chose to study in the country’s top engineering institute BUET.

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More importantly, He was a decent, simple, honest and brave boy who loved his country more than many fake patriotic of this country. And unfortunately, he’s now murdered by some wild animals at the very same place BUET which he chose to study over anything else, only for talking in favor of this country. You’re a HERO man. Heroes never die. You’ll live in us forever. I am Bangladeshi but I ask the Carolina Panthers Keep £ing shirt EU to put sanctions on Bangladesh rulings party officials. so that human rights violation stops. It has gone too far. The situation in Bangladesh is worse than the situation in Venezuela, North Korea or any other place. While proponents of human rights around the world are so silent because of India and of not having any economic interest. I met a now dear friend that came to America as a refugee from Bangladesh. She has told me of her experiences that unfortunately lead me to believe that it can be exceedingly difficult at times for those that choose to speak their mind or not follow suit.

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