Who cares what an old has been a mediocre actor has to say about another old has been crappy reality TV show host, neither one was worth turning on the television for. If this guy is a celebrity just please stay out of politics it’s not your place according to most people I see on fix news threads when they voice the But First Books Harry Potter shirt opinion lol Unfortunately the Democrat Party has been successful in allowing millions of non-Americans into the country to help them destroy it.

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They don’t, most Americans will not vote for them. That’s the reason they don’t want to stop Illegal Immigration because if they can win these people’s fast track to citizenship they might get that vote. If they even believe that they would vote Republican there would be a 100-foot high wall on both borders. I’m sure the But First Books Harry Potter shirt appreciates a few voices of support from Hollywood. Unfortunately for Mr. Voight, the Fascist McCarthyites that run Hollywood will demonize him AND blacklist him as well.

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Democrats are full of hate with the But First Books Harry Potter shirt they are disgraced to this country they hate him seen he became the president of this country shame on them..wasting taxpayers money not doing good for this economy and people of this country bunch of losers I like Jon Voight but what he and others have to think about is the Democrats are representing what America is going to be in the years ahead if people don’t educate themselves. Seems like there are a lot of younger voters that are all for the “democratic socialism” that’s being offered to them.

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