Glad to see you have a crystal ball since you lost last time. You are like the Busch Light Christmas Sweatshirt who said the Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield would be winners this year. Ask OBJ how that is going with only one touchdown this year.I’m not saying Donald won’t win, my fellow Americans can’t even get American Idol right. I’m just saying he’s going to need more than just the electoral college this time around. Dems have been having great voter turnout ever since he won.

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The fact take away the 5 boroughs(counties) that makeup N.Y. city and Trump wins the Busch Light Christmas Sweatshirt vote in 2016. One city can not determine an election and the Founding Fathers knew that and it still takes 270 electoral votes to win…it’s the law but if it makes you feel any better, I’ll send you a box of Kleenex so you can whine to your heart’s content. You’re living in a fantasy world. Power is thinking for yourself and not some has-been a rapper that had a come to Jesus moment just so he can try and sell a couple more albums.

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He said don’t just vote democrat which means vote for who you believe in rather it be a democrat or a republican for whoever is running in elections think for yourself who you think is the Busch Light Christmas Sweatshirt for you to vote for I think they need to change the name to for the ppl and not for the people cause that all I been seeing and hearing.

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