The one and only time I read those books Big 12 Football champions Oklahoma Sooners shirt. The letter changed midway through the book… It was very strange and creepy at the time but I figured my mind was playing tricks on me and let it go.. But with stuff like this, perhaps it really did change midway through the book.  I’d never read them or had them read to me as a child, so these books were completely new to me. I went back to the book time and again while writing my report to make sure I was spelling Berenstein correctly.

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I argued with classmates about whether it was pronounced steen or shine (we settled on steen) Big 12 Football champions Oklahoma Sooners shirt. I read my report in class and turned it in to be graded and got 100%. This was a teacher who had weeks before giving me a low grade for not knowing that Sean was not pronounced and spelled as Seen.  Not quite as definitive as your experiences, but likewise these events would have made no sense at the time if the spelling was with an “A.” I had the same experience of not knowing how to pronounce Berenstein. But not knowing of Einstein or Frankenstein as a kid. I pronounced it with a “steen” at the end. Again, if it had said stain, the stain is an easy work to read and pronounce, so I wouldn’t have made this mistake. What if all the parallel universes exist and every human on earth exists in a slightly different one, we all live here on earth but see things differently due to being from different quantum realities? Good theory, except I, have issues with where you say we ‘jump’ when we make the decision to eat an apple or a banana. We don’t ‘jump’ in this instance, rather we create our current reality, and we’re doing this constantly. All options you could possibly make currently exist at that moment in flux and they only collapse and branch off into different universes as soon as you make your decision.
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